Choose From AM Best A Rated Carriers

You gain access to quote and bind from insurance industry leading carriers!


It can be tough for an independent insurance agent to provide enough alternatives to satisfy their clients. The hassle of getting direct carrier appointments and meeting today's carriers volume requirements limit even the most ambitious agent's options.

Insure Hive™ members, however, get to choose from an unbeatable selection of quality insurance products from many top-rated carriers - all without the pressure of keeping up with minimum volume requirements that come with direct appointments or risk losing the carrier appointment.

Get Access to A Rated Insurance Carriers Hive Partners

Your current and future clients are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. In addition, most of them come to your agency for advice after researching online their insurance options, and they are armed with multiple options if they think dealing with you as an insurance agent professional is coming up short.

One of the best ways to keep clients in your agency is to give them the chance to comparison shop. When consumers get to choose from an array of insurance products, they get to see all their options and make a better informed decision.

Because Insure Hive™ has partnered with insurance industry leading carriers, our members, aka Hiver's, get immediate access to a full stack of AM Best rated A rated carriers. Some of them include the biggest and best brand names.

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Hive member agents don't have to worry about meeting minimum production requirements. Our relationship with our top-rated carrier partners guarantees they get the production volume they need.

Keep Clients Within Your Agency with Insure Hive™

Offering more choices of carriers and offering products to meet the needs of your clients keeps them in your agency. For example, If your client needs Flood insurance on a Friday at 4:00 pm for a closing and you don't specialize in flood policies or have a market, just login to your Hive account and get access to our flood specialists and products and online rating team. If you don't help your client, he/she may call another agent who may take all your clients business out the door since you could not help him.

Today's insurance shopper expects instant results and information at their finger tips and do not accept "I'll call you back in a few days with more information", they communicate now via text and email. Insure Hive™ can help you meet those expectations. Our online portal includes a universal application. Hive member agents get questions answered immediately depending on the risk, and the online quoting application automatically pings rating data to every available carrier. Accurate bindable quotes often come back within seconds or via agents inbox.

Additionally, if your client wants to buy, the steps to bind are very quick with the Hive express underwriting system. Furthermore, many of Hive's U.S.M's (Underwriting Success Managers) can return policy issuance requests within 2-4 hours.

Insure Hive™ employs experienced in-house U.S.M's who"

  • Review every application for any errors.

  • Direct Hive member agents to the carriers with the right risk appetite.

  • Identify non-standard/specialty product options.

Insure Hive™ members get to sell quality personal lines products from providers they wouldn't normally have access to. More access for you means more choice for your clients.

Immediate Access To Carriers

You have your license and you set up shop, your growing but something is missing.

You have reached what is known in the industry as an inflection point in your book where you hit a wall. You spend all your day servicing clients and retaining clients with limited or no growth. Not to mention, hiring and keeping good CSR's and producers is a never ending story that makes you go home every night saying to yourself, "Haven't I seen this movie before"?

What has to change to make your life as an insurance agent better. If you keep doing the same things over and over again, will you get same result? Most likely, eh.

What needs to happen NOW?

You need access to more insurance carriers and more insurance products. However, getting direct appointments with insurers, especially top-rated ones is slow-moving and complicated process. And once you have the appointment, you take on the burden of a long-term commitment to meet minimum production requirements.

Joining Insure Hive lets you get in the game without the hassle. As a member of the Hive you are able to leverage our markets and experience to make us an "Extension of your Agency" without taken on the burden of additional overhead. Now you have a team on your side vs going it alone every day. We only succeed when you do, so our interests are aligned.

In addition, InsureHive lets you move fast. Our proprietary software application helps members minimize keystrokes, avoid rating errors and missing potential discounts, and reduce wait times and the back and forth between underwriters who never seem to be at their desk when you call with a question. Hive member agents can often get accurate rates within minutes of submitting an online quote request.

We work hard to make life easier for our agents, but some insurance policies can be thorny. When that happens, Insure Hive™ has a team of USM's (Underwriting Success Managers) to walk you through the quote to bind process.