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Currently we are licensed to write business in 21 states. With plans for other states rolling out in Q3 of this year. To request a state be added in our priority waiting list, send us a quick email and we will place in our que for future roll out or if you don't see your state, contact us for an updated list. Active states are: MI, FL, PA, IL, OH, WI, IN, KY, IA, TN, MO, SC, NC, VA, WA, OR, AZ, CO, KS, TX, GA

Insure Hive Licensed States

It's simple, just click on Apply Now and complete a short membership application and set up your agent profile.
It takes less than 15 minutes to complete your membership application. Your membership will be activated immediately upon verification of your credentials and acceptance into the Hive by our marketing and underwriting committee team.
Inusure Hive™ requires you to be an active licensed property & casualty agent with your state department of insurance. In addition, we require you to have an E&O policy with at least $1MM limits that is written with an AM Bests company rated A or higher. E&O coverage needs to remain in force in order to maintain access to the marketing platform system.
Yes. You can sign up as an individual agent using your SSN. You just need your individual license and E&O in your individual name.
We have no premium volume requirements, but membership benefits increase as your premium hits $100,000. So goal of every member is at least $100,000 in written premium within the Hive. Our marketing team will work their tails off to assist you to accomplish all your growth goals.
You own your book of business, both new and renewal. However, if you do decide to ever sell, the Insure Hive™ acquisition team requests the first right of refusal to acquire your book if you decide to sell. It's a win-win.
Yep, it helps us supply coffee for your support staff here in the Hive. There is a non-refundable $249.50 annual investment to access Insure Hive's technology platform and carrier marketplace.
No, it's FREE for members. One of the greatest member benefits of being a member of the Hive and booking policies through us, is you don't have to waste your valuable selling time answering billing questions, processing "what if quotes" and general time consuming service requests that drain you and your staff's valuable time. We do all the back office admin work for you.
Commissions vary based on product type, state and the carrier we place business with. The avg. member commission is between 8% - 11%.
No. Insure Hive holds the direct appointment with the carriers and we appoint you as a sub-producer through Insure Hive to get access to all the carriers.
Ouch that would sting. We hope that doesn't happen, but you will still be able to log on to the website and continue to service any existing clients. You will not receive renewal commission on any business you have in force and you will be unable to submit new business until you renew your membership or accepted back into the Hive.


You as the agent collects the initial premium payment from your insured with a credit card or EFT. Then the carrier partner bills your client direct. The client pays the carrier. The carrier pays Insure Hive™ and then the Insure Hive™ accounting team mails you a commission check on the 20th of every month (with a detailed commission statement included). NOTE: Direct deposit is available as well. InsureHive also has a partnership with PayPal and can wire commission checks into any active PayPal account.
Charging a Broker Fee is between you and your client, and is contingent upon your state laws.
Yes. Before you purchase a policy for your client, you will be offered payment options for your client.
Yes. You are responsible for collecting the initial down payment or if your client pays their policy in full you would collect that and then at renewal time all the policies you place through Insure Hive™ are on a direct-bill basis.


  • - Log in to InsureHive.com
  • - Select the product type (auto, home, flood, etc)
  • - Select the zip code/state from the dropdown menu options.
  • - Complete the short form to receive bindable quotes. (Takes less than 5 minutes)
  • - Review quote proposal options and present to your client.
  • - Log back into your InsureHive account to request binding
Just call or email one of our membership product experts to discuss product availability in your state. Once you are a member, you can use the exclusive Hive chat tool to chat online live from the quoting and binding application with an Insure Hive™ product expert.
The Insure Hive™ quoting platform is able to return a bindable quote in less than 15 minutes. If underwriting intervention is required, quotes may take 2-4 hours.
Each carrier has its own underwriting guidelines. Your client's risk profile will not fit all guidelines for every carrier. You will usually receive two to three quotes for each risk you submit.
Claims are handled by the carrier and all claims should be reported directly to the carrier by the insured. Your client's policy will have a toll free number where they can contact the carrier directly.
Endorsements, certificates, and billing questions can all be requested online or through our direct carrier service center option. Insure Hive™ provides you direct access to most carrier service centers for service processing with our personal lines carriers. Service requests can also be requested through your Insure Hive™ online account.
No. Insure Hive's parent company and wholesale insurance brokerage distribution arm, Hannigan Insurance Services of America holds the direct appointments with the carriers so they are listed as the producer. If a client accidentally contacts Insure Hive™ directly, we provide them with your name and phone number and direct them to call you.
No. Insure Hive's parent company and wholesale insurance brokerage distribution arm, Hannigan Insurance Services of America, LLC has the binding authority with our carrier partners.
Yes at insureds renewal date we can process AOR's for you, no problem. They must be submitted at least 30 days prior to renewal date. Once your membership is activated to the Hive, you will have access to instructions on our website outlining how to submit AORs to our underwriting team.
Yes. Insure Hive™ employs a dedicated book rollover team to assist you in 4 easy steps for a streamline book roll:
  • - Email or mail your request, on your agency's letter head, listing: the carrier, the reason for the roll, the loss ratio, the name of the MGA (if applicable), the type of business in the book, total premium, and a list of insureds and policy numbers.
  • - Once this information is received, Insure Hive™ management will review it.
  • - We will contact the carrier for its review.
  • - If the carrier approves, the book will be moved to InsureHive on your behalf.