Get Access To Personal Line Insurance Products

You can even write mono-line business policies as well!


For today's new economy digital mobile insurance shopper picking the appropriate insurance policy is not easy. Smart consumers like to have choices so they know they are getting a good deal. They may shop online for insurance price comparisons but they still want a professional licensed insurance agent to help them choose which policy is right for them.

Hive member agents can get instant access to the following personal lines insurance products
As a member of the Hive, you can even write "mon-line" business as well

  • Preferred Personal Auto Insurance

  • Non-Standard Auto Insurance

  • Insure Hive™ branded roadside assistance club (add to every bind and earn $30 bonus)

  • Homeowners Insurance (HO-3)

  • Condominium Insurance (HO-6)

  • Renters Insurance (HO-4)

  • Landlord Insurance (1-4 Units)

  • Vacant Homes

  • Seasonal/Secondary Homes

  • Mobile Homes

  • Flood Insurance

  • Specialty Dwelling- ineligible homes that don't qualify for preferred markets.

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Boat Insurance/Jet Ski's

  • Motorhomes/RV's

Hive Executive Queen Bee Private Market

  • High Valued Homes (Greater than $2 Million)

  • High Value Yachts

  • Exotic Cars